Chinese video website solutions profit knot

In the YouTube to 1 billion 650 million dollars to sell a good price (with Google convertible) at the same time, the domestic video podcast website is still struggling to find profit model.

"piracy" knot

"and before the experiment, after the cooperation, our advertising form is mainly" patch "." Yao Xin, President of PPLive, told reporters that PPLive plug time is mainly concentrated in the front and end of the program.

"our webcast publishers in the traditional content of genuine program, so as to avoid the related problems." Yao Xin said.

"because there is no problem of piracy, and P2P streaming media to complete the outstanding advertising visual effect, the advertising industry will be more and more recognized P2P streaming video website model put in effect." Qian Xuejie, vice president of Chinese manage capital believes that with the recent YouTube>

WeChat shop in 6 days to earn millions of printed pictures tell you should do so

Abstract WeChat store provides a new, high fit, forward-looking channels for Indian beauties and hardware product sales, equipped with WeChat store will become the trend of future development. Tencent science and technology Xin Yan reported on June 19th WeChat public platform recently launched the "WeChat store" function, to meet the developers to sell WeChat in …

A month Taobao customers to promote money sharing experience

we all know now through Taobao money off is a Wangzhuan way, but how many people are making money, how many people are there in the dark, there are many people watching someone else’s promotion deal single giggle… All of this is a disaster for Taobao. can not be denied by the National People’s Congress, …

Ad4all oak fruit international product extension notice

dear alliance members, Hello everyone! Hello! Advertisers Acorn International decided on 02 2008 18 August (Monday) to suspend the promotion of oak fruit international products, by the end of the day before the cost of clearing up, please switch to other products ! if you have any questions, please contact our customer service, contact details …

Innovation workshop CEO Li Kaifu China is particularly suitable for IT Entrepreneurship

  Innovation workshop CEO Li Kaifu CEO Li Kaifu, former innovation works in micro-blog gives 7 reasons, pointed out that the current Chinese especially for IT business. He believes that the gap between China and foreign IT technology is relatively small, and the current Chinese market is huge, there is relatively fair, unspoken rules less …