Links exchange in the process of unspoken rule

, a link to the site included the unspoken rule of

three, love Shanghai weight unspoken rule / flow view

Links refers to put each other on your site other websites link. Must be able to find the address and the name of the web site in the web page code, and can be displayed when browsing the web site name, this is Links. Shanghai Longfeng promotion personnel on site outside the chain optimization optimization, Links exchange is a good means of promotion, use a lot of links, relatively valuable, at least every hair garbage link is not a grade, Chongqing Shanghai dragon also saw more of the enterprise site chain optimization. In Links for the chain strategy, if you do Links resources more widely, the effect of several high quality self-evident.


Links, also known as web site exchange links, links and link exchange, affiliate links, is a simple form of cooperation between certain resources complementary advantages of the website, LOGO image or text place the other site respectively on his website, the site name, URL and set the other website (click, switch or pop another new page), so that the user can find your website cooperation from the website, to achieve the purpose of mutual promotion, so often as a basic means of website promotion.

unspoken rule two home location exists

website is fundamental to a site, there is a saying how to say it: "the rankings do not necessarily have included, but not included no ranking", as one of the exchange links, found in a related industry site at the same time, the first element to consider is included the other side of the site, if the Links exchange is a social activity, so the basic site included in the event is a ticket, only this.

said the home position is second potential rules? This should be attributed to the development of the Webmaster Tools Engineer credit, now the powerful tools in that it can detect whether the site has been down the right search engine, and a tool of webmaster tools is so powerful, I have noticed. Home position detection of Shanghai webmaster query tool dragon came out not long, thanks to the home station engineers developed a powerful tools; Links exchange links, a site is down right this important? Is very important, very important, which was included in the second important things, almost is many factors in Shanghai Longfeng a priority, you can have no weight, but you can’t be right down, down the right that you do have a problem on this site.

Chongqing Shanghai Longfeng chain in exchange process, encounter sites, 99% are Chinese sites, Chinese site traffic sources, the conversion rate of all cannot do without a lot of love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon optimization personnel said, our team Shanghai love is love and hate, love is, must rely on it bring traffic to the site and order; hate is.

We all know that

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